Keep talking about E. Jean Carroll’s $83 million award against Trump

Keep talking about E. Jean Carroll’s $83 million award against Trump

Donald Trump is a rapist. We’ve known that for some time, of course, but the media want—nay, need—their presidential horse race, so they’ve apparently decided it’s neither fair nor balanced to ensure that every voting-age American knows one of those racehorses is a rapist with a fraudulent business who tried to end a nearly 250-year-old democracy and is singularly focused on exploiting the power of the presidency to wage a vengeful war against his perceived enemies—which, weirdly, include most members of the same mainstream U.S. media.  

But maybe now that one of Trump’s victims, E. Jean Carroll—whom he raped, according a federal judge and a jury—has been awarded $83 million in her defamation suit against our unlovable ROTUS, the cat’s so far out of the bag not even Trump’s flittering Lilliputian meathooks could grab it now. So assuming President Joe Biden doesn’t fall off his bike anytime soon, it’s actually possible the media will inadvertently do the right thing going forward and make it abundantly clear to people in Indiana diners (the only people who matter, after all) that Donald Trump is—checks notes—oh, here it is: a rapist.

Of course, if the social media multiverse is any indication, the Trump-as-rapist narrative is spreading like wildfire in the wake of Carroll’s court triumph.

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