Lara Trump is the perfect example of Republican ‘merit’

Lara Trump is the perfect example of Republican ‘merit’

Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara is both a famous singer and a noted dog lover. Soon enough, she’ll also add a new title: co-chair of the Republican National Committee. 

When she stepped onto the stage at Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday, Lara made it clear that there was only one reason for her many accomplishments: She earned it.

After getting in a requisite dig about trans girls competing in sports—which is apparently the top concern of Republican voters—Lara declared that there was one other thing of singular importance that she wants her daughter to know. “I want her to understand that in the United States of America, we get ahead and succeed by merit, and merit alone.”

Then she explained how she “had the great honor of being endorsed by my father-in-law Donald Trump to co-chair the RNC.” Because that’s also merit. 

That may sound like rank hypocrisy, but who could really claim that being married to Eric Trump isn’t one of America’s worst jobs?

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