Latest Polls Of The Georgia Senate Runoff Elections

Latest Polls Of The Georgia Senate Runoff Elections

Latest Polls On The Georgia Senate RunoffsTwo runoff elections on Jan. 5 will determine which party controls the Senate

No candidate in either of Georgia’s Senate races won a majority on Nov. 3, triggering a runoff for both seats, with the top two candidates in each race facing off. Control of the Senate now hinges on the outcome of these two races.

Georgia’s regular Senate election

Republican Sen. David Perdue is running for reelection against Democrat Jon Ossoff in a regularly scheduled election.

Nov. 9Nov. 28Dec. 17Jan. 54045505560%Perdue 47.9%Ossoff 48.7%DEC. 4 LEADEROssoff+0.8DEC. 4 LEADEROssoff

Georgia’s special Senate election

Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler faces Democrat Raphael Warnock in a special election. Loeffler was appointed to fill former Sen. Johnny Isakson’s seat after he resigned.

Nov. 9Nov. 28Dec. 17Jan. 54045505560%Loeffler 47.0%Warnock 49.2%DEC. 4 LEADERWarnock+2.2DEC. 4 LEADERWarnock

The Senate currently stands at 50 Republicans and 48 Democrats. If Democrats win both runoffs, the party will have control of the chamber because Vice President-elect Kamala Harris would break any ties. But if Republicans win one of the two races, they will maintain control.

All runoff polls

FiveThirtyEight’s averages use all runoff polls conducted since the Nov. 3 general election. We adjust polls for house effects based on how much each poll differs from the polling consensus.

DEC. 1-3 C-Trafalgar Group 1,083 LV 47% 48% Ossoff +1 Ossoff +3 50% 45% Loeffler +5 Tie
NOV. 27-30 ASurveyUSA 583 LV 48% 50% Ossoff +2 Ossoff +2 45% 52% Warnock +7 Warnock +6
NOV. 19-24 B/CRMG Research 1,377 LV 47% 48% Ossoff +1 Ossoff +1 46% 48% Warnock +2 Warnock +2
NOV. 16 B-InsiderAdvantage 800 LV 49% 49% Tie Tie 48% 49% Warnock +1 Warnock +1
NOV. 10 VCreek/AMG 300 LV 50% 46% Loeffler +4 Tie
NOV. 8-9 C-Remington Research Group 1,450 LV 50% 46% Perdue +4 Perdue +3 49% 48% Loeffler +1 Tie

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