Lauren Boebert and Sean Hannity’s fight on Fox News reveals bankruptcy of the Republican Party

Lauren Boebert and Sean Hannity’s fight on Fox News reveals bankruptcy of the Republican Party

The Republican Party is in disarray. It isn’t an ideological battle going on as the leadership old and new have been on the same page for some time about not having any policy ideas. The main difference between what is called the “Freedom Caucus” and yesteryear’s establishment Republican Party leadership is that the Freedom Caucus has forced all conservatives to give up the false pretense that they ever had any policy ideas to begin with.

What we are all seeing as Congress watches Kevin McCarthy fail to win the vote for speaker of the House, over and over and over and over … and over again, is simply a crew that wants to leverage themselves up the chain of command in the Republican Party. These are people like Lauren Boebert and Scott Perry and Matt Gaetz and Chip Roy. You can find all of their names over at this unrelated post about Republicans who signed on for a coup d’état.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity is a friend of Donald Trump and also wants the establishment Republican Party to remain as in control as possible to give at least a semblance of competency to the political party he grifts off of. On Wednesday, Hannity brought Boebert on for what turned into quite a contentious interview.

It’s a wild ride here. Hannity opened by quoting conservative rag Town Hall, quoting Boebert. Boebert has yet to vote for anyone named McCarthy and she said that she felt Donald Trump needed to tell McCarthy to step aside in his life’s mission to become Republican speaker of the House. Now, say what you will about Hannity, he isn’t Boebert. You knew where this interview was going to go right out of the gate as Hannity ended his preamble with this question:

“Isn’t it time for you to pack it in and your side to back it in considering he has over 200 and you have 20?”

And then moments into Boebert blathering her talking points, Hannity starts interrupting her to say she wasn’t answering his question. At one point Boebert says the 20 people voting against McCarthy are hearing from frustrated voters and then jumps to how 20 people hearing from frustrated voters is a majority of people being frustrated. 

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Usually, this kind of bad math and lowest common denominator answer just flies right by with a Fox News host, but since Hannity has his own agenda, Hannity says, “I’m frustrated by you not answering a direct question.” Now, say what you will about Boebert, she isn’t Hannity. After Hannity implies this is a personal beef and not a policy one, trying to cast Boebert and friends as little stinkers, Boebert responds: “Kevin McCarthy didn’t even want to listen to us until his disappointing midterms. We all want a unified party. But this isn’t chaos. It’s a functioning constitutional republic when everything is said and done.”

While Boebert continues this talking point, Hannity remarks that he “likes the cliché,” seemingly referring to the constitutional Republican platitude. Boebert finishes by saying the Congress will be stronger for not having McCarthy as speaker. Hannity cuts her off by saying he would ask Boebert not to “filibuster.” On the inside I’m drinking a cup of smiles and wishing you all a happy new year!

Hannity points out that in the votes held by the 20 Freedom Caucus, members have yet to do anything more than send up scattershot alternatives to a McCarthy, to which Boebert replies that it shows they are “open to a menu of options.” Hannity says: “You’re proving that 20 people don’t want Kevin McCarthy at this time.” Hehe. Then he brings up how there seem to be no policy differences here and Boebert says something ominous and vague about how the “structure” of our government needs to be changed.

Then Hannity argues that McCarthy gave into concessions for the votes and Boebert then said he did not and then Hannity said he did and then Boebert said he didn’t and then Hannity said nuh uh, and then Boebert said uh huh, and then Hannity asked who Boebert would vote for if she could choose anyone and then Boebert said nuh uh again.

And finally, Hannity asked who Boebert wanted to be the next speaker and Boebert said: “We need to come together,” and Hannity said bullshit and Boebert said it wasn’t bullshit and Hannity said half of her own Freedom Caucus voted for McCarthy and then Boebert said the fact that Congress was at a standstill because the Republican Party is in disarray was a good thing because something about spending money in Ukraine and then after more bickering, it was over. The very end is sort of great.

It’s worth enjoying these clips now because at some point the Republican Party will assign a speaker whose job, for at least the next two years, will be to set up investigations of Hunter Biden’s penis and pictures of Hunter Biden’s penis.

Let’s see how things are going?

lmao Lauren Boebert got zero applause — like, not even a single clap — for her speech nominating that Hern guy

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) January 5, 2023

One problem Boebert faces is that she isn’t Fox News.

Judge Jeanine Pirro: “I feel angry! You know why? They are making the Republicans look ridiculous! I like Kevin McCarthy but why wasn’t this done ahead of time? Why are we doing this in front of the public? We look like a bunch of fools!”

— Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) January 5, 2023

Even Marjorie Taylor Greene sees a chance to come across as reasonable right now.

MTG to me: “I’m not sure how Lauren Boebert on one hand can demand so much out of Kevin McCarthy, but then demand nothing out of someone else and be willing to vote for them to be speaker.That’s not serious, I don’t think that’s leadership and I really see it as more obstruction”

— Manu Raju (@mkraju) January 5, 2023

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