Marjorie Taylor Greene is a target for Trump supporters after she posts about Jan. 6

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a target for Trump supporters after she posts about Jan. 6

On Thursday, following ex-Proud Boys’ organizer Joe Bigg’s well-earned 17-year prison sentence, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene felt compelled to tweet her poor understanding of the law. She wrote, “If Biggs had plead guilty to planning to kill a member of congress he would have only gotten 3 months like the man in NY in my case did, but no he gets 17 years for being mad about the election and going in the Capitol.” That’s certainly a reductionist take on someone convicted of “seditious conspiracy,” but tomato-tomahtoh.

Anti-Muslim bigot, failed congressional candidate, and MAGA luminary Laura Loomer retweeted a response to Greene’s statement, writing, “You could have done something about it but you didn’t.” Loomer went on to accuse Greene of doing nothing to fundraise for the “Proud Boys defense fund,” going so far as to say, “I know for a fact that his legal team contacted your office and asked for assistance and you never Helped him because they told me. And so did Joe.” I’m not giddy, you are!

This is the latest skirmish in the conservative movement’s ongoing civil war, and the two women have some history. Loomer has been able to ingratiate herself with Donald Trump, and has made headlines with rumors that Trump wants her in his campaign. Greene, clearly not a fan of Loomer, has responded by publicly calling Loomer “mentally unstable” and “a documented liar.” Loomer has responded in kind. None of that seems to have fazed Trump, who recently praised Loomer in a video as being “very special.”

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