McCarthy expected to get his ‘win’ later tonight as Gaetz appears ready to fold

McCarthy expected to get his ‘win’ later tonight as Gaetz appears ready to fold

After spitting every invective his not-so-creative mind could dream up at Kevin McCarthy over the last week, it now seems that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-human trafficking) is now prepared to drop his opposition when the House resumes at 10PM ET on Friday evening. If this happens, it should mean McCarthy has finally given away enough of his office, authority, and soul to secure a “victory”—a victory in which he has already handed off everything that makes being speaker of the house have meaning. But hey … so far as we know, he does get the big office.

On Thursday, PodSaveAmerica recounted the reasons why they believed McCarthy was having difficulty nailed down his ever diminishing office.

Kevin McCarthy has two problems: 1) He stands for nothing. 2) There’s no nice way to say this: He’s stupid. He’s famously stupid. He’s an affable doofus. He’s lived on his affability in a party that reveres doofus-ery.

— Pod Save America (@PodSaveAmerica) January 5, 2023

But what they forgot is “We are ill-informed and stand for nothing” might as well be the Republican Party motto. The only principle they run on is not having any principles, and a functioning brain is regarded as a failing. By that measure, it’s only right that Kevin McCarthy should be their king.

The last two rounds of voting saw McCarthy score 214 out of the 218 he needs (or 217, should absent Republicans fail to return). That included dragging in some of those who, like election denier Anna Luna, spent the last few days expressing their endless distaste for the man they’re now ready to crown. Rep. Kevin Hern has said he will miss his mother’s funeral to remain in town to give McCarthy his vote.

The defections from the previous group of 20 objectors were apparently enough to send Gaetz looking to see what he might still extract from McCarthy’s very, very dry well. Though it’s not apparently a done deal.

GAETZ tells reporters he is happy about the framework deal and suggests he could make deal with McCarthy now. “We’re still negotiating on spending and on the rules, and we’ll see how it goes tonight”

— Erik Wasson (@elwasson) January 6, 2023

McCarthy’s is-it-a-victory is still not assured. Republican objectors Andy Biggs, Eli Crane, Matt Rosendale, and Bob Good all left the Capitol together following McCarthy’s 13th loss. Since then, Biggs has made it clear that he is still a Never Kevin. So has Crane. There’s no word on Lauren Boebert, who apparently isn’t being sought out by anyone. There is still the possibility that Republicans could sail into the House chamber tonight, champagne bottles in hand, only to fall 1 or 2 votes short of pushing McCarthy over the line. 

But he’s probably going to get it. Whatever it is at this point. The most radical fringe of the GOP has held McCarthy hostage long enough at this point long enough to secure promises that he’ll conduct all the silly investigations they want, send the U.S. into default, and allow them to run the House while he plays with his gavel.

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