McConnell packed the Supreme Court for Trump. Now’s a good time for payback from Democrats

McConnell packed the Supreme Court for Trump. Now’s a good time for payback from Democrats

What’s the first thing any self-respecting, savvy Democrat should do when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is having a bad week?

Make. It. Worse.

McConnell has lost control of his conference. South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham threw the Republican Senate into disarray with his national abortion ban. Meanwhile, Sen. Rick Scott, the guy who is in charge of electing more Republicans to the Senate, refuses to shut up about his plan to end Social Security and Medicare.

All of which makes it a really great time to press the Democrats’ advantage, make McConnell’s life hell, and put Republicans on the record. On abortion. On marriage equality. On birth control. Hell, on Social Security and Medicare, too. 

Every $1 you give to increase the Democrats’ majority in the Senate makes McConnell cry. Well, okay, not really. But you can still help make his job a lot harder. That’s a good thing.

Listen to this guy. He gets it.

I’d like to take that vote right now and put all the GOP Senators who are running for re-election on the record 7 weeks before the election.

— Howard Dean (@GovHowardDean) September 14, 2022

Campaign Action

Graham wants a vote on his national abortion ban and McConnell very much does not, curtly telling reporters Tuesday: “I think most of the members of my conference prefer that this be dealt with at the state level.”

Let’s prove it! Have the vote, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Meanwhile, the most vulnerable Republican incumbent, Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson, is in personal disarray over the issue of marriage equality, flipping and flopping over whether he would vote for a bill that provides federal, statutory protection to same-sex and interracial marriage. He’s even made spurious accusations against his fellow Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin, the Democrat spearheading the bill, saying she “leaked” texts between the two of them on his issue. Johnson is in a frenzy over this bill, not knowing what to do.

Make him vote on it! Now!

Right now, Republican Susan Collins is hard at work with her pretend negotiations to get 10 Republicans on board with that bill. It’s the job McConnell gives her every time: Get involved in bipartisan negotiations, string Democrats along for months, and make sure agreement is never reached.

Don’t let her get away with it again. Make Republicans vote.

Make them vote on the issues that are defining this election. Put them on the record. Make. Them. Vote.

Abortion rights, gun safety, and the our planet are all at stake in this election. We must persuade Democratic voters to turn out in November. Click here to volunteer with Vote Forward and write personalized letters to targeted voters on your own schedule from the comfort of your own home, without ever having to talk to anyone.


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