New survey shows GOP opposition to birth control spells bad news for them in November

New survey shows GOP opposition to birth control spells bad news for them in November

You may dimly recall a moment last year when House Republicans tried halfheartedly to “pivot” on the issue of abortion. Reacting to an electoral backlash in the 2022 elections, they desperately tried to reassure their constituents that even though there was no longer any right to abortion, the real issue was access to birth control, and, um, yes! They still approved of birth control!

They were lying, of course. They’d already gone on record the year before opposing the Right to Contraception Act, which was introduced by Democrats immediately after the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade. That bill (which was ultimately blocked in the Senate thanks to—yes, Republican opposition) would have guaranteed every American’s right to purchase contraception without government restriction. That is, before the Supreme Court could fulfill the aims of Justice Clarence Thomas (among others) to eradicate it the same way he and his right-wing colleagues had so gleefully erased Roe. 

But—as has been emphasized repeatedly—Republicans’ real motivation is to control and punish the behavior of (mostly women) who may want to have non-procreating sex. So any legislation increasing access to birth control is invariably conflated with the overarching forced-birth dogma issued by the religious fanatics who vote to keep Republicans in office. True to form, Republicans’ excuse in opposing the Right to Contraception Act was that it included (among other things) further funding for Planned Parenthood, the leading provider of reproductive health care in this country. Yes, Planned Parenthood does indeed provide—as a small fraction of its many services—assistance in terminating pregnancies. So, as a result of Republican intransigence and their absolute dependence on the forced-birth lobby, the right to obtain birth control in this country remains suspended on a slender thread, dependent upon the tender mercies of this reactionary Supreme Court.

Apparently this is just fine with Republicans. The fact that their extreme position is deeply unpopular with the vast majority of Americans, however, is slowly starting to sink in.

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