New York rapper Styles P stands up for woman allegedly being violently detained by police

New York rapper Styles P stands up for woman allegedly being violently detained by police

Rapper P Styles, a member of the group The LOX, is making headlines after a video of him has gone viral for his attempt at protecting a woman who was being detained by the police. The video, first posted to TikTok and then reshared to Instagram on July 12, depicts the woman being taken down to the ground by two police officers in Yonkers, New York.

As the woman is handcuffed by police, another woman begins to film and then shouts at the officers, telling them that she is recording the seemingly violent arrest. The woman being detained repeatedly tells officers she is not resisting arrest when Styles P appears.

“Yo! He’s a bitch,” the rapper is heard telling one of the officers, he then tells the woman recording to continue to do so.

“Yo, sista, loosen up,” Styles P tells the woman being detained. He seems to attempt trying to deescalate the situation by extending a hand to the woman.

“You’s a fucking hoe,” Styles P tells an officer. “You a whole bitch.”

When the officer stands up and begins to approach Styles P, the rapper raises his hands and says, “I’ma back up. Don’t touch me.” He then tells the woman filming to “keep recording me.”

Turning back to the officer, Styles P says: “You slammed a girl! For no reason!” He continues shouting, adding that at least one officer seemed to have his hand on his gun as he apprehended the unidentified woman.

“You scared, too!” Styles P says to the cop. “You slammed a girl for no reason, she’s on the floor! And you standing over there with your hand on your gun the whole time … You a bitch … You had your hand on your gun for a female he slammed on the floor! Whole bitch! You scared … You not from around here … and you scared of Black people!”

After continuing to stand his ground against the cop, Styles P eventually moves to the other side of the woman being detained.

Styles P is Rapper of the year for this

— Threeletterman3 (@3LMthree) July 13, 2022

Following the praise on social media for the actions he took, Styles P reacted and shared a video on Instagram.

“Gonna try to make this as short and sweet and to the point as I possibly can,” the 47-year-old rapper said. “On behalf of all young Black people who seen the video, I was wrong because you gotta be careful of what you do and how you speak out here because we’re all at danger. But we also kinda gotta step up when we see shit being done wrong. I definitely should’ve delegated it better.”

He noted that while he has nothing against cops, he does not like the mistreatment of women.

“I don’t hate cops, I hate the mistreatment of poor people,” he continued. “I hate mistreatment of poor Black people. I hate the mistreatment of poor Spanish people. Even poor white people in the hood, I hate the fact that it’s easy to throw cops in the neighborhood that’ll get a benefit, a salary with a bunch of people that they have no idea how it works.”

Styles P also made sure to note that he doesn’t want to see the two police officers in the clip lose their jobs, but he does want to see them handle such situations better. “I actually don’t even blame them so much, I blame the whole system,” he said. Styles P said that while in the moment he did want to fight the cop, he knew it would be“one of the dumbest things” he could’ve done.

During the time the video went viral, why the cops reacted in the way they did was not clear.

After the video went viral, the Yonkers Police Department released the full incident body camera footage and a statement regarding it.

“The Yonkers Police Department is aware of a video that surfaced on Social Media regarding an interaction between Yonkers Police Officers and members of the community,” the statement says. “The incident itself revolved around the arrest of an individual who fled from Officers while she was being detained during an investigation into her reckless driving on an unregistered moped on a busy city sidewalk. Unregistered and uninsured moped operation on Yonkers streets and sidewalks is one of the most frequent complaints from community groups in recent months. After the individual attempted to flee, the Officers caught up to her and attempted to restrain her. The individual continued to refuse to comply, at which time an Officer utilized a standard take-down to bring her to the ground to be handcuffed. Subsequent to her arrest, a knife was recovered from an easily accessible front compartment on the moped.”

The statement continues:

“An internal investigation was immediately commenced at the scene, even before any videos of the incident were published to social media. The Yonkers Police Department routinely conducts full investigations into ALL uses of force by our Officers. This investigation includes the review of all video surveillance footage including Body-Worn Cameras, as well as interviews of all involved. The early stages of this investigation reveal that no strikes were used at any time during the incident and no force was used after handcuffs were applied. The investigation is ongoing. The attached video is the full and un-edited Body-Worn Camera footage from a primary Officer involved. The Yonkers Police Department is committed to transparency and serving the Yonkers community with service, integrity, and respect. More information regarding this interaction may be released as it becomes available.”

Watch the scene for yourself.

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