New York Times destroys its own spin that Biden’s losing Latino voters

New York Times destroys its own spin that Biden’s losing Latino voters

A newly released New York Times/Siena poll shows a wholesale reversal from its previous February poll that suggested President Joe Biden was bleeding support among Latino voters

The Times/Siena poll released Saturday showed Biden gaining significant ground with minority voters, including opening up a 9-point lead over Trump with Latinos, 50% – 41%. That’s a 15-point turnaround since February, when the Times/Siena survey gave Trump a 6-point advantage among Latino voters, winning 46% of the group to Biden’s 40%.

Biden’s growth among nonwhite voters—including a net 10-point gain with Black voters—has effectively erased Trump’s lead among registered voters overall in the latest Times/Siena survey, with Biden at 45% to Trump’s 46%. The Times’ February poll gave Trump a 5-point advantage overall, at 43% Biden – 48% Trump.

Taking the poll at face value, Trump’s Latino support is still historically high at 41%, while Biden’s is historically low at 50%. The high-water mark for any Republican presidential candidate is President George W. Bush’s 40% share of the Latino vote in 2004. 

In 2020, Biden won Latino voters 59% – 38%, so the incumbent still has considerable room to grow support among the group while Trump may already be close to hitting his ceiling.

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