News Roundup: Youngkin crowd pledges allegiance to insurrection; Trump as deadbeat

News Roundup: Youngkin crowd pledges allegiance to insurrection; Trump as deadbeat

In the news today: Glenn Youngkin rally organizers caused quite a stir when they proudly brought in a flag waved by protesters at the violent January 6 insurrection for the crowd to pledge allegiance to. A bit too on the nose, maybe? On the other end of the insurrection, Trump strategist and Trump-pardoned grifter Steve Bannon remains defiant in the face of subpoenas issued by members of Congress he helped Trump supporters attack.

As for Trump himself, even his previous C-list team of conservative lawyers looks like it’s going to be pared down a bit in the future as the movement’s law firms grow increasingly reluctant to take the seditionist former president on as a client. Not because of the violent insurrection he fomented through the relentless promotion of an invented hoax, mind you. It’s because they’re pretty sure he’ll skip out on their bills.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

Jan. 6 committee preps to hold Bannon in criminal contempt for defying subpoena

Youngkin supporters pledge allegiance to the insurrection at GOP Virginia rally

Conservative lawyers who once defended Trump now won’t touch him with a ‘1,000-foot pole’

Police are howling about vaccine mandates … as they die of COVID-19 by the hundreds

Black ‘American’ flags at right-wing protests, on front porches vow ‘no quarter’ against liberals

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