P.S. Senate Republicans: We’re coming for you

P.S. Senate Republicans: We’re coming for you

“Someday soon, the time of Trump will pass,” promises a new ad from the anti-Trump Lincoln Project that absolutely skewers Senate Republicans. 

And when “this circus of incompetence, corruption, and cruelty” ends, notes the ad, GOP lawmakers who empowered Trump will tell you they can help repair and rebuild the damage he’s inflicted on the party and the nation. “They’ll beg you to forgive their votes to exonerate Trump of his crimes,” says the narrator. Don’t listen, he advises, invoking “their silence, their cowardice, and their betrayals as Trump wrecked this nation.” 

Wanna kick Sen. Mitch McConnell and his majority to the curb? Give $2 right now to give Senate Republicans the boot and elect lawmakers who actually care about the people they serve.

All the while, the TV screen floods with pictures of these Republican senators loving on Trump. In rapid succession, Sens. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Cory Gardner of Colorado, Martha McSally of Arizona, Ted Cruz of Texas, Joni Ernst of Iowa, Marco Rubio of Florida, and Susan Collins of Maine all buddy up to Trump. Most of the GOP senators pictured are up for reelection this year, but a handful or so, such as Rubio and Cruz, are put on notice that their turn in the barrel is coming, so to speak.

“Every time they had a choice between America and Trump, they chose Trump. Every time they were called to the service of this nation and their sacred oaths, they chose Trump. Every time.

“Learn. Their. Names. […] And never, ever trust them again.”

Amen. We at Daily Kos have been preaching this for years now. Far from being hostages, Senate Republicans built the monster who is now devouring the nation in a senseless loss of both blood and treasure. Innocent lives lost. A devastated economy. Total wreckage at a soul-sucking human level.

Every time you see a headline about more job losses, gaping testing shortages, surging case loads, besieged hospitals, ravaged communities, and shattered families, remember the Republican lawmakers who sicced Trump on this nation.

Never forget. Election Day is less than four months away. 

P.S. Senate Republicans, we’re coming for you.

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