Poor Republicans have a major cash problem

Poor Republicans have a major cash problem

The 2023 year-end filings are in, and the Republican National Committee had a tragic year—its worst fundraising total in a decade and worst in 30 years using inflation-adjusted figures.


The RNC raised $87.2 million and ended the year with $8 million cash on hand, with $1.8 million in outstanding debt. The Democratic National Committee, by comparison, raised $120 million in 2023 and ended the year with nearly three times that of the RNC, $21 million, with just $319,000 in outstanding debt.

The national GOP’s fundraising was so anemic that Tyler Bowyer, an RNC national committeeman from Arizona, freaked out, calling it “horrifying” in a tweet. “Anyone defending this is insane,” groused Bowyer, an official at the right-wing group Turning Point USA.

Suffice it to say, having essentially $6 million at one’s fingertips isn’t exactly where a national committee would hope to be heading into a presidential election year. 

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