Questions abound when it comes to Russia’s next election. Guess how many Tucker asked

Questions abound when it comes to Russia’s next election. Guess how many Tucker asked

When it comes to countries where elections are rigged by the “deep state” and there’s massive election fraud, Russia stands out. But that apparently escaped the notice of former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who this week became the first American to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin since the February 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Carlson didn’t voice concern that Russia for the first time is using a new online electronic voting system in March’s elections. But as Cole J. Harvey of Oklahoma State University, an expert in authoritarian states’ electoral manipulation, told The Washington Post, online voting could be “a game changer” for Putin, enabling the regime “to shift away from costly, uncertain vote-buying and voter pressure, to cheap, efficient falsification.”

The Kremlin is also desperate to avoid a large anti-war protest vote that might embarrass Putin, who’s seeking a fifth term that would keep him in power until 2030. The March elections come at a time when Russians are upset over the massive casualties in Ukraine and their growing economic woes. Amidst this discord, the last remaining anti-war candidate was barred from running against Putin.

With the Supreme Court set to hear opening arguments in the Colorado decision to bar Donald Trump from the ballot just a few days later, it seemed inevitable that Carlson would ask Putin about his country banning candidates.

But did he? Nyet.

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