RFK Jr. campaign consultant confirms it: He’s a spoiler for Trump

RFK Jr. campaign consultant confirms it: He’s a spoiler for Trump

In case you were wondering what Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign is really all about—well, you can stop wondering. In a remarkable new video, Rita Palma, who claims she’s the New York state director for the Kennedy campaign (the Kennedy campaign claims otherwise), recently said lots of quiet parts out loud, essentially claiming that the best reason for voting for the Kool-Aid-besotted Kids’ Table Kennedy is to elect Donald Trump. Because that’s what every disaffected Democrat should want, right?

As February’s pro-Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Super Bowl ad showed, the candidate’s boosters are counting on poaching low-information Democratic voters who are nostalgic for the halcyon days of Camelot. And polio, of course. Can’t forget polio. Indeed, if you compile a list of our greatest Democratic presidents, you’ll notice one was a Kennedy and another became disabled because there was no polio vaccine yet. Those were the days, right? And now we can have the best of both worlds!

So fire up the RCA, light up an unfiltered Pall Mall, pop open a family-sized bag of asbestos, and lie back on your spankin’-new La-Z-Boy for the world premiere of “Gunsmoke.” We’re gonna make the Democratic Party great again—by hobbling an incumbent, anti-preventable-disease, actual Democrat who presides over an economy that’s currently the envy of the world.

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