Roger Stone threatening Jared Kushner and calling Ivanka Trump an ‘abortionist b!tch’ is on video

Roger Stone threatening Jared Kushner and calling Ivanka Trump an ‘abortionist b!tch’ is on video

Roger Stone has a big tattoo of Richard Nixon’s face on his back. Stone was convicted of seven felony counts and faced a sentence of 40 months in prison, and then Donald Trump used his powers as chief executive to commute Stone’s conviction. Trump even wrote a glowing letter along with the commutation of Stone’s sentence. It was real bootlicking stuff.

A new video has emerged from film maker Christoffer Guldbrandsen, who shot 170 hours of Stone and friends in the months leading up to the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol grounds. The new footage is 22 seconds’ worth of Stone on the phone, in a car, raging after finding out that Donald Trump had not yet granted him a pardon. In those 22 seconds Stone is able to insult bad-at-all-trades Jared Kushner while also calling Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who is bad at advising the president, an “abortionist bitch.”

It’s something to watch.

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Most of the footage Guldbrandsen shot was used in the Jan. 6 committee’s investigation. Guldbrandsen tweeted out this new clip on Friday. Stone, uncut, comes across as badly as Stone cut comes across. With no filter, Stone’s antics and profound grotesquery, his abusive nature, and how far off the hinges he can and is willing to go become so stark. 

In the clip, Stone seems to be telling whomever is unlucky enough to receive Stone ‘s phone calls that he is going to have Kushner physically expelled from Florida. “Jared Kushner has an IQ of 70,” Stone begins. Wait. Let’s take that in. That’s pretty funny. HAHAHA. Oh man. Okay, where were we? 

ROGER STONE: He’s coming to Miami. We will eject him from Miami very quickly. He’ll be leaving very quickly. Very quickly. Very quickly. (Ed note: Yes, three times.) He has 100 security guards? I’ll have 5,000 security guards! You want to fight? Let’s fight. Fuck you and your abortionist bitch daughter.

Unreleased subpoenaed footage: Stone angry that Trump didn’t grant him a second pardon melts down calling Ivanka Trump – abortionist bitch daughter.

— Christoffer Guldbrandsen (@cguld) October 14, 2022

Stone has promised to sue Guldbrandsen. It seems Stone’s plan of attack is to say that every clip Guldbrandsen releases showing Stone saying or doing something terrible is a deepfake

I’ve been dead and resurrected. Think I can handle a phony lawsuit

— Christoffer Guldbrandsen (@cguld) October 14, 2022

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