Scott: ‘Obama is dead wrong’ on Israel-Hamas conflict

Scott: ‘Obama is dead wrong’ on Israel-Hamas conflict

Tim Scott on Saturday slammed Barack Obama as “dead wrong” after the former president called for a more nuanced approach to the Israel-Hamas war.

“From Obama to Biden, Democrats have a problem: supporting Israel always has an asterisk,” the South Carolina senator and presidential contender said in a statement to POLITICO.

“Obama is dead wrong and he has a legacy of aiding those who support terrorism,” Scott continued. “The truth is simple: Hamas is evil.”

Scott has repeatedly attacked President Joe Biden for being too weak in his support for Israel, claiming he helped fund Hamas’ attacks on Israel by releasing $6 billion to Iran in a prisoner swap — a claim disputed by the administration, which said the funds released to Iran had not yet been spent.

The Biden administration has offered strong support to Israel, sending near daily military aid shipments, but Scott and other Republicans have been critical of calls to consider the impacts of the Israeli offensive on Palestinian civilians.

Scott and Obama have clashed before, after Obama criticized the senator for comments he made about race and racism.

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