Starbucks/Amazon combo workers file for union election, this week in the war on workers

Starbucks/Amazon combo workers file for union election, this week in the war on workers

Starbucks and Amazon are experimenting with a joint venture: combined Starbucks/Amazon stores. And the workers at the second such store to open are seeking to unionize.

“We’re unionizing at this Starbucks because we are doing Amazon work for Starbucks pay and we’re not given the proper resources to manage a store of this type in such a high volume area,” a worker said in a statement. “We have partners that were coerced into working at this store using intimidation and miscommunication and not given any proper benefits when transferred here.”

● At the third Trader Joe’s store to vote on unionizing, the workers voted no, with 94 opposed and 66 in favor.

● Major fast food companies have formed a front group called “Save Local Restaurants” and are gathering signatures to try to overturn California’s new law that increases the fast food minimum wage and gives workers a role in setting industry standards.

● Jeff Schuhrke reports on Why Starbucks cares so much about a little pin. It’s a suicide awareness pin, by the way.

● “Work-life balance is at the center of this dispute”: Alabama Westrock paper mill workers fight on, Jacob Morrison reports.

● Dining hall workers at Pomona College planned a two-day strike as the college refuses to increase their wages to a livable level.

● Victory on overtime for New York farmworkers, the Economic Policy Institute writes, with workers in line for an additional $34 to $95 per week.

● Starbucks is still refusing to bargain with its workers:

Day 4! Today we managed to get almost an entire 5 minutes from Starbucks’ lawyers before they stormed out. Can you believe they’d ditch us during Downtown Disney’s bargaining session given that they’re one of the biggest stores in the country??? Welp, what can ya do!

— Tyler – Starbucks Workers United (@UnionTyler) October 27, 2022

Yep, this is what we serve to ourselves and customers. #UnionStrong @WorkersUnitedNY @SBWorkersUnited

— La Señora Garza (@LadyGaGarza) October 26, 2022

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