Stop laughing at Ron DeSantis

Stop laughing at Ron DeSantis

On Wednesday evening, Ron DeSantis officially announced what has already been clear for months: He is running for the office of president of the United States in 2024. But rather than popping in to make the announcement on the constantly fawning Fox News, DeSantis took his announcement to what he viewed as an even friendlier stage: a chat with Elon Musk on Twitter.

Unfortunately for the Florida governor who squeaked into office with a 0.4% victory before being lauded as the future of the Republican Party, his big day smacked into Musk’s often expressed policy of “fail fast and fail often,” a philosophy that, like most things Musk, was actually lifted from someone else and exposed as facile foolishness years ago.

That foolishness bit DeSantis in the rear on Wednesday, leaving him caught between stretches of silence that lasted minutes at a time, or when all anyone could hear was Musk or others at Twitter mumbling about their inability to fix the problem. When the badly broken event occasionally got up and running, it was mostly Musk’s army of blue-check fanboys taking the opportunity to praise him for his mega-genius while DeSantis waited off to the side.

But by focusing on the disaster that is Musk’s destruction of Twitter, too many media outlets are missing the real disaster, which is that DeSantis is considered a viable candidate for president.

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