The Downballot: The GOP should be terrified after Alabama’s landslide

The Downballot: The GOP should be terrified after Alabama’s landslide

Another special election just delivered still more bad news for the GOP, but Democrat Marilyn Lands’, well, landslide should really have Republicans quaking. As we explain on this week’s episode of The Downballot, this was the first test of in vitro fertilization at the ballot box since the Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling that imperiled the procedure, and Republicans failed spectacularly—with dire implications for November.

Co-hosts David Nir and David Beard also examine the fallout from Tammy Murphy’s shock decision to abandon her Senate bid and why Andy Kim’s campaign has dealt a major blow to New Jersey’s political machine. The Davids then explore whether the seemingly impossible might come to pass: Could Democrats take back control of the House before Election Day? Whatever the odds, Democrats need to be ready.

Our guest this week is Lauren Baer, a 2018 congressional candidate in Florida who now runs Arena, an organization dedicated to supporting the next generation of campaign staff. Baer tells us about her group’s work to train and place staff with campaigns, including how they help staffers weather the dry “shoulder season” between election cycles. She also warns about the huge GOP advantage in funding their talent pipeline and explains how Democrats can make up this crucial gap in campaign infrastructure.

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