The Downballot: The inside story on winning the Wisconsin Supreme Court (transcript)

The Downballot: The inside story on winning the Wisconsin Supreme Court (transcript)

We’re going deep inside last year’s momentous progressive victory in the battle for control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court on this week’s episode of “The Downballot,” where we’re joined by Alejandro Verdin, who managed Judge Janet Protasiewicz’s triumphant campaign. Verdin explains how he assembled a team that took the little-known Protasiewicz from third place in the polls to a runaway first-place finish in the primary and then on to a landslide win in the general election.

Verdin tells us why Protasiewicz broke with the staid traditions of campaigning for judicial office and was so outspoken on the issues that voters cared about—particularly gerrymandering and abortion. Plus: the never-before-revealed easter egg trolling their conservative opponent that the campaign inserted into their ads.

Co-hosts David Nir and David Beard also recap Tuesday’s elections in New Hampshire—no, not those elections. We’re talking about two special elections for the state House, of course! Then it’s on to Louisiana, where the Davids explain how the state’s unique all-party primaries will come to a (partial) end, and how a Republican congressman might get revenge on his party for making him walk the plank in redistricting.

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