The Downballot: Why we need to elect more moms (transcript)

The Downballot: Why we need to elect more moms (transcript)

One of the most under-represented groups in elective office is also one of the least discussed: moms, especially mothers of young children. On this week’s episode of “The Downballot,” we’re talking with Liuba Grechen Shirley, the founder of Vote Mama, an organization devoted to electing progressive moms at all levels of the ballot.

Grechen Shirley describes her groundbreaking success in getting the FEC to allow her to use campaign funds for childcare when she ran for Congress on Long Island in 2018 and her subsequent efforts to support candidates like her. She explains how electing more mothers will mean more pro-family policies and tells us about some of her top candidates running this fall.

Co-host David Nir and guest co-host Joe Sudbay also recap Tuesday’s key primaries in Ohio and Illinois, including the blowout GOP Senate primary in the Buckeye State whose results will make both Donald Trump and Democrats happy. They also discuss an important new ruling from the Montana Supreme Court, which just smacked down an attempt by the state’s Republican attorney general to keep an abortion rights amendment off the November ballot.

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