The guy who said Trump ‘might live to be 200’ says we can’t trust Biden’s doctor

The guy who said Trump ‘might live to be 200’ says we can’t trust Biden’s doctor

Hey, look, everyone! Remember Ronny Jackson? He’s the doctor-turned-GOP-congressman who once claimed Donald Trump is in excellent health, cognitively fit, conveniently exactly a pound away from being medically obese, has “great genes,” and could live to be 200 if he occasionally ate a leaf of iceberg lettuce between jumbo cones of gyro meat. And Jackson thinks President Joe Biden’s physician is a big, phony liar.

Because we can’t get the truth from Biden’s doctor—who will likely say something marginally implausible, like that Biden could live to be 600 if George Soros harvests enough organs from the pale, eyeless thralls in his undersea adrenochrome labs—Jackson wants Biden to take a cognitive test, tout de suite!

In the wake of the highly partisan Hur report, Jackson—who is a doctor but doesn’t really play one on TV—is arrogantly calling on Biden’s physician to administer a cognitive test when Biden takes his annual physical later this year. Jackson also wants those results released to the public, because while we already know that Trump thinks windmills kill whales, that Friday night is Saturday afternoon, that Russia should feel free to attack NATO countries, and that Nikki Haley is Nancy Pelosi, all we really know for sure about Biden is that he looks old and has a stutter.

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