The most overhyped stories of 2023

The most overhyped stories of 2023

UPDATE: Monday, Jan 1, 2024 · 1:16:47 AM +00:00


I didn’t want to make this too long, so I stopped at the top six stories. But if I had to pick four more to round out to an even 10, (and thanks to the many commenters), I probably would have picked the following:

7. Chinese spy balloon (what a joke that turned out to be)
8. The economic recession that never was (we were promised one last year, but the economy is on fire)
9. Biden challengers (RFK Jr. and No Labels are right-wing funded flops. Dean Phillips fell at the gate.)
10. Fox News’ non-stop hype of inner-city crime  (in reality, it’s way down)

Welcome, fellow political enthusiasts, to the ultimate rundown of the year’s most hyped-up, exaggerated, and downright overblown political sagas! From politicians who were hailed as up-and-coming only to fizzle, to news anchors juggling breaking news like hot potatoes, to conspiracy theories juicier than a ripe watermelon on a summer day, I give you my contenders for the most overrated, overreacted, and overhyped political stories of the year!

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