‘This was intentional’: AOC blasts Republicans on IVF ruling

‘This was intentional’: AOC blasts Republicans on IVF ruling

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sounded off about the current Republican attack on reproductive rights and the resulting Alabama Supreme Court ruling that has jeopardized IVF treatments during a Saturday night interview with MSNBC’s Alex Wagner. The New York congresswoman had no interest in letting the GOP off the hook. 

“They knew exactly what they were doing,” Ocasio-Cortez explained, saying any attempts by conservatives to walk back their policies are a desperate attempt to avoid public accountability. Ocasio-Cortez then broke down the misogyny behind the Republican Party platform. 

But I want to be very clear that this was intentional and that this is exactly what Republicans have been going for. We’ve seen it. You have the Heritage Foundation, you have lots of folks who are on record saying, you know, not only do they want to go after abortion, not only do they want to go after reproductive freedom, they’re going after IVF. They’re going after contraception. And we have the mifepristone ruling that is coming down from the Supreme Court, and Clarence Thomas, enriching himself from the same folks who are saying that they are trying to control women’s bodies quite explicitly. 

And going beyond that, they also want to control recreation–what they call recreational sex. This is so clearly a patriarchal theocracy that has embodied itself in the DNA of an entire political party in the United States of America. And as women, and as any nonbinary and queer person in this country—they must be defeated. There should never be room for this kind of control by force over another person’s body in this country.

And they can walk it back as much as they want. They have done this. Who put those judges there? Not Democrats, not independents. Republicans put those judges in there. Republicans are taking women’s bodies by force and we cannot let them do it. It has to come to an end.

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