Washington R——s partners are bailing out on Dan Snyder, will sell their shares of the team

Washington R——s partners are bailing out on Dan Snyder, will sell their shares of the team

Washington R——s majority owner Dan Snyder has long been one of the biggest assholes in the NFL, and that is saying something, and is the person most responsible for the team keeping its blatantly racist name even after years of every sentient non-racist human pretty much agreeing that the name is odious and racist and for f—k’s sake just change it already.

Now the rest of the team’s owners want out, reports The Washington Post. Minority owners Robert Rothman, Dwight Schar and FedEx chairman Frederick Smith are looking to sell their 40% of the team and be done with Snyder. This comes immediately after FedEx corporate formally “requested” the team change the name, and after the Washington team announced that it would “study” the possibility of changing its name; we can probably assume from this that the three minor owners have absolutely no confidence Snyder’s “study” is on the up-and-up, and want out now, rather than later.

The next question is who on the planet is going to be interested in buying shares of a team owned by a demonstrably racist asshole. The Post quotes an anonymous somebody who says the three are selling because they are “not happy being a partner” to Snyder, a statement which right there is going to cause the value of their shares to plummet. Revealing that prospective buyers will be purchasing shares of a company so toxic that the previous owners bailed out rather than deal with the head asshole is not exactly prime marketing.

Buyers are probably going to be few and far between, at least until the racism part is sorted out. Anyone who would buy in willingly at this particular moment would have to be a brickheaded racist, and while there are a lot of extremely wealthy brickheaded racists in this country (it is one of our specialties, after all), you’d have to be Trump-level brickheaded to think “yes, let’s form a business relationship with Dan Snyder” is a good idea.

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