Watch: Biden spokesperson shuts down Fox News lies—with facts

Watch: Biden spokesperson shuts down Fox News lies—with facts

National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby swatted down Fox News nepo baby Peter Doocy’s attempts to use the tragic murder of 25-year-old Ruby Garcia to feed right-wing hysteria about border security during Tuesday’s White House press briefing. 

Kirby sent condolences to the Garcia family before calling Doocy’s attention to the facts of the matter: The Republican Party has chosen political posturing over doing anything to improve security at the southern border.  

“All that has to happen is for the speaker to do his job,” Kirby said emphatically. “Put that supplemental on the floor. Let’s get a vote. Let’s get those 1,300 additional Border Patrol agents down there to do their job.” 

This led to an exchange reminiscent of Doocy’s frequent public embarrassments at the hands of former White House press secretary Jen Psaki. 

Peter Doocy: Everybody in this room knows that the bill that you guys keep talking about as a solution is dead at the moment and — 

John Kirby: — Says you. It doesn’t need to be dead, does it?

Doocy: The bill’s dead.

Kirby: Says you!

Doocy: When’s the vote?

Kirby: Ask Speaker Johnson.

Kirby summed it all up for Doocy, explaining, “They had a chance and decided not to act because certain people in House Republican-world wanted a problem rather than a solution.”

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