Watch Kari Lake get booed at GOP meeting after ‘leaked’ tape scandal

Watch Kari Lake get booed at GOP meeting after ‘leaked’ tape scandal

Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake received some heavy boos on Saturday at a GOP meeting in north Phoenix. The election-denying MAGA candidate was presented with the angry reception as she nominated Gina Swoboda, another Trump-endorsed Republican, for the newly vacated Arizona Republican Party chair seat. 

Here she is being booed.

Earlier in the week, Lake released a secretly recorded audio tape purporting to show Arizona Republican Party Chairman Jeff DeWit attempting to bribe Lake into dropping out of the Republican primary for Senate. DeWit resigned and then told the Arizona Mirror that he believed Lake “orchestrated this entire situation to have control over the state party, and it is obvious from the recording that she crafted her performance responses with the knowledge that she was recording it, intending to use this recording later to portray herself as a hero in her own story.”

DeWit added that he had questions about how effective a senator Lake could be since no one could trust her. DeWit’s sentiment is clearly not unique. Lake spent months attacking fellow Republicans inside and outside of the Grand Canyon State during and after her failed run for office.

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