What he really meant: Translating Biden on the border

What he really meant: Translating Biden on the border

Border negotiations have put President Joe Biden in a bind — he and congressional leaders have to craft legislation that would both adequately address a major campaign vulnerability and can pass both chambers.

Immigration and border security have become critical issues for voters nationwide in 2024, but lawmakers in both parties are significantly split on the best way to address it as senators work to finalize a deal that would link foreign aid with increased border security.

When negotiating on these thorny issues, how does one craft a message that unlocks the votes of Republicans and Democrats alike?

What words do you choose to sell your vision? And who is your target audience?

As Biden tries to pass a deal through the middle lanes of Congress — a difficult prospect, due to Speaker Mike Johnson’s opposition — he told reporters in December that he’s “willing to make significant compromises on the border,” including “changing policy” among other things.

Was he simply staking out his position to Republicans, as the speech might sound?

Or is there a bigger subtext worth a closer reading? Watch the video for more.

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