What Trump’s vow to end Ukraine aid could mean for the future of US and Europe

What Trump’s vow to end Ukraine aid could mean for the future of US and Europe

After meeting with Donald Trump last week at Mar-a-Lago, right-wing autocrat and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán confirmed that, if elected, Trump will cut off all aid to Ukraine, effectively hastening the collapse of Ukraine against the continued onslaught of Russian forces. As reported by Claudia Chippa, writing for Politico:

“He will not give a penny in the Ukraine-Russia war,” Orbán told Hungarian state media Sunday. “Therefore, the war will end, because it is obvious that Ukraine can not stand on its own feet.”

As Chippa reports, Trump’s plan is essentially to allow Russian Vladimir Putin to have free rein, anticipating Europe’s inability to continue provision of sufficient military aid to Ukraine. Orbán’s statement directly confirms this thinking: “[I]f the Americans don’t give money, the Europeans alone can’t finance this war. And then the war is over.” 

Except the “war” won’t be over—as Trump suggests—if Ukraine is overrun or otherwise obliterated. It is not clear whether Trump and Orbán discussed Trump’s oft-repeated intention to abandon NATO entirely, leaving much of Eastern Europe to defend itself against continued Russian aggression. But the abandonment of Ukraine alone under the present circumstances by a reelected Trump and his pro-Putin allies in the Republican Party would simply foreshadow the first stage of a massive global realignment favoring Russia, China, and other autocracies. And that would ultimately supplant the international order as it currently exists, with the United States irrevocably consigned to a diminished, weakened status as an untrustworthy and unreliable ally.

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