Whistleblower’s complaints started while Trump was in office

Whistleblower’s complaints started while Trump was in office

On Wednesday, an Internal Revenue Service worker who was recently booted from a department investigation let it be known that he is the whistleblower who has featured heavily in missives from Rep. James Comer. In a conversation with CBS News, Gary Shapley, a 14-year employee of the IRS, says he made complaints after aspects of the investigation into Hunter Biden, which he was heading at the time, were “slow-walked” at the direction of the Department of Justice.

The most notable aspect of Shapley’s complaints is that every bit of it is procedural. He complains that he saw “deviations from the normal process” of the investigation, and a series of “irregularities.” In particular, Shapley complained that following a meeting last October in which he argued with attorneys from the Justice Department’s tax division, he was left out of some follow-up meetings. Not a single detail, statistic, or example was provided to support the idea that there was actually anything wrong with Hunter Biden’s taxes. Everything under discussion appears to be one member of the IRS who didn’t like how other people in the FBI—his own agency—and the Department of Justice were doing their jobs.

But in all of this, the one thing that both Republicans in the House and media outlets seem to be overlooking is timing. Shapley filed his complaint in the summer of 2020. It’s the Trump Justice Department, the Trump FBI, and the Trump IRS he’s complaining about.

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