Why Trump and Tucker’s interview wasn’t the hit they think it was

Why Trump and Tucker’s interview wasn’t the hit they think it was

The Donald Trump brain trust decided not to send the twice-impeached (and four-times indicted) president to the Fox News-hosted Republican presidential debate in Wisconsin on Wednesday. Instead, they formulated a counterprogramming plan featuring a sit-down interview with Tucker Carlson. The interview, filmed beside what looked like a sitcom fireplace, ran on Elon Musk’s Xwitter, home of Carlson’s new show.

Following the debate, Carlson and Trump were crowing about the interview’s high viewership numbers. Trump went to his Truth Social account to brag, “Looks like the Tucker Carlson interview will end up with an ‘over 100 Million’ number. Wow!” Wow indeed!

As for Carlson, he gloated that his interview’s audience size was “far larger” than what Trump could reach on cable news. And Musk? In response to a tweet saying the interview could become the “most watched” on Xwitter, he wrote, simply, “For sure.”

As of the writing of this story, the “views” statistic on the video is at 230.6 million. (That’s more than the number of people who vote in our country!) But the “views” metric doesn’t mean what Carlson, Trump, and Musk want you to think it means.

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